Dark Day for US Public Media


US public media faces funding axe National Public Radio |Washington DC |  5th July 2023 | Ahmed_Janabi  The House’s decision to scrap the funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by 2026 will have a drastic impact on the services and financial viability of public service media in the US. Public media funding in the US has been thrown into doubt after the House Appropriations Education Subcommittee decided to stop [...]

ABC Partners with Universities


ABC Press Release  July 20, 2023  In the face of declining local media coverage in regional and rural Australia, the ABC will partner with researchers at Deakin and Griffith universities to look at innovative ways in which the public broadcaster can support local news sustainability. The three-year Australian Research Council project will determine how the ABC can best develop partnerships and collaborations with regional news outlets to support public [...]

BBC faces review of ‘unsustainable’ licence fee model


Ministers seek alternatives as half a million stop paying The Times | July 17, 2023 | Steven Swinford, Political Editor The fall in the number of people choosing to pay the licence fee has been blamed on competition and the cost of living The BBC is facing a formal review into the future of its funding amid concerns in government that the licence fee is “unsustainable”. Ministers are expected [...]

Stan Grant


ABC’s self-inflicted woes not just a matter of opinion Stuart Littlemore, David Salter 22 May,  Sydney Morning Herald Digital Edition What a shemozzle. Stan Grant, who writes a weekly opinion column for the ABC website, steps down from his Q&A hosting role on ABC TV because he believes ABC management isn’t defending him from the online abuse directed at him after comments he made on another [...]

Younger Generations


Younger generations are not voting for the Liberal party or following the ABC in the same numbers. This won’t change without a radical shift The Guardian | July7, 2023 | Trent Zimmerman As a former politician and someone who has spent plenty of time in front of an ABC microphone, it strikes me that the Liberal party and the public broadcaster have more in [...]

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