Following are the concluding remarks of a speech given by the Managing Director of the ABC, David Anderson, on 17 November 2023 at The Annual Dinner of ABC Friends, Victoria.       Link to the full speech

“So we look to the future with confidence.

An ABC that is the most trusted media source in the country, an institution that promotes good citizenship, fortifies our democracy and contributes to our national identity.

An ABC that aids social cohesion, connecting Australia across geographic, cultural and age divisions.

An ABC that is the indispensable resource for Australians everywhere, telling Australian stories that everyone knows and loves.

An ABC that is adaptable, optimistic and brave, keeping pace with our audiences and succeeding in a fast-changing media landscape.

An ABC that reflects our nation back to itself, fostering our national creativity and cultural power.

Most of all, an ABC that Australians value and trust.”

Read full text of speech here