Planned Activities

Adelaide Writers Week. March 2-7, 2024 Working in conjunction with ABC Friends Victoria we will have a presence at Adelaide Writers Week 2024.

Click here to see more about Writers Week   From her you will also find a link to the extensive line of presenters.

New Generation Initiative: This is an important ongoing project researched and initiated by ABC Friends Victoria. Our plan is to work with ABCF Vic to extend the range of this initiative.

At previous Writers Weeks, approximately 1,500 books are sold in the 'Book Tent'. This year ABC Friends will have free bookmarks available at the purchasing desk.

Current & Recent Activities

February 21, 2024 

O Week at the University of Adelaide.

Zofia Li, one of our newest ABC Friends with a group of students.

Thank you Yi for spending time promoting ABC Friends and the ABC.

February 20, 2024 

On Tuesday 20th February the South Australian Greens organised a Public Forum on Education which was attended by Daryl Regan President ABC Friends SA/NT .Daryl met the guest speakers Senator Penny Allman-Payne Greens QLD and Robert Simms Greens Member of the SA Legislative Council.

Both expressed strong support for the ABC and ABC Friends.

L to R :  Robert Simms Penny Allman -Payne Daryl Regan

January 2024: At the end of January we received supplies of our long planned printed materials. Click the image to view details.

Using our new brochures, car stickers, and business cards we have started an 'Awareness Campaign' distributing this material to parliamentarians, libraries, book shops, book clubs, organisations, local government councillors and offices, commercial organisations (where they are willing), ABC offices and ABC individuals.

Please enquire if you feel you may be able to help develop our Awareness Campaign.


Louise Miller Frost, Julie Collins, Daryl Regan, Peter Callinan

January 29, 2024:  ABC members attended a “ Politics in the Pub” organised by the Federal member for Boothby Louise Miller - Frost MHR with guest speaker Julie Collins Federal Minister for Housing and Small Business .The function was held on Monday 29th January at the Astor Hotel in Adelaide .The function was well attended with 68 people of which 10 were ABC Friend members and supporters

The Minister was pleased to hear that the appointment of Kim Williams as the New ABC Chair had been well received by our members and both Julie and Louise spoke in support of the ABC  and were pleased to have the opportunity to have a photo taken.

December 9-10 2023: ABC Friends National Committee

Cassandra Parkinson
National President of ABC Friends .

In October 2023, Daryl Regan and Peter Vandeleur attended ABC Friends National Committee conference as representatives for South Australia. The meeting, held in Sydney, was attended by representatives from all ABC state Friends organisations. At the national level, ABC Friends develops policy and strategy, advocates to government and the ABC, coordinates national campaigns and fundraising, communicates with our members, supporters and general public as well as provideing support services to our members.

The National Committee of ABC Friends meet by Zoom every two months and hold one ‘in-person’ meeting each year.

The meeting agreed to a strategic plan which complements plans developed by State Friends organisations that prioritises five key areas of activity. They are:

1.Advocacy and Campaign

2.Members and Supporters

3 Communication and engagement

4.Advance ABC Friends’ effectiveness as a not-for-profit volunteer organisation.

5 Governance and accountability

November 17, 2023:  Judy Gonda (Secretary, ABC Friends SA/NT) attended the ABC Friends Victoria annual dinner as the representative of the SA/NT branch.

Judy found her attendance to be very useful from several perspectives. Firstly, it provided the opportunity for her to network and meet face to face members from many of the regions of Victoria. These members were very keen to hear about what we were doing in our branch, such as our collaboration with Victoria on Writer’s Week and NewGen, our meetings with various politicians, the social media and websites we have set up and our connections with the SA/NT ABC Alumni.

Judy was placed on a table with David Anderson (Managing Director of ABC), Cassandra Parkinson (National President of ABC Friends), Michael Henry (President Vic branch), Bill Condon (Treasurer Vic branch) and various employees of the ABC. All were very welcoming and engaging.

There were 2 presentations at the dinner. The first was a power point presentation about the New Gen project which Judy will try to get a copy of to circulate to the Committee, and then a speech by David Anderson essentially about the forward direction of the ABC. Judy found this to be very informative and reassuring.

Judy felt that our investment in this activity was very worthwhile, particularly form the perspective of building our partnership with Victoria.

November 17, 2023: Daryl Regan President ABC Friends SA/NT attended a luncheon and the guest speaker was the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Hon Jane Lomax  -Smith .

Daryl asked the Lord Mayor about truth in political reporting and in particular the negative newspaper articles that had been appearing in the Adelaide press. She replied that it went with the job to have such articles appear that were negative about the Council and it’s operations but it was a concern that misinformation had become  much more prevalent in the past 2 years .

November 06, 2023: Daryl Regan President ABC Friends SA/NT gave a presentation to the Sturt ALP Federal Electorate Council meeting on Monday 6 th November.
The meeting was well attended and many in the audience were ABC Friends members.
The main theme of the presentation was the role of ABC Friends in representing the interests of the community in defending and promoting the vital role of the ABC as a national public broadcaster / media organisation .
The audience were concerned that the recent Referendum had produced many news items from various sources that were found to be wrongly reported and felt this was the reason an independent public broadcaster such as the ABC was essential for a healthy democracy.
Many questions were about the ABC 5 year plan and the role of digital communications in the future operations of the ABC.
A very successful occasion and new membership information was sought by some of the audience.

October 12-13, 2023: National Committee Meeting in Sydney. The President, Daryl Regan and Vice President and National Treasurer Peter Vandeleur attended.

Monday 18th September: Three committee members (Peter Vandeleur, Judy Gonda and Lachlan White visited Rebekha Sharkie the federal member for Mayo. Rebeka is the co-convenor of the Parliamentary Friends of the ABC and is s strong supporter of the ABC. Rebekha was generous with her time to discuss the key issues of independence and secure funding. Parliamentary Friends of the ABC has approximately 15 members and it is a formal organisation figned off by the speaker of the house.

Friday August 18, 2023 Peter Vandeleur met with Alex Barwick (Acting Manager) ABC Alice Springs (in Alice Springs).

Wednesday 12th July:  Waite ALP Sub branch at Belair Hotel. Peter Vandeleur (Vice-President SA/NT Branch) and Judy Gonda (Secretary SA/NT Branch) gave a presentation about ABC Friends to about 25 members (they have about 125 members in total). The invitation came as a result of the Hagar Luncheon presentation. Waite has the largest ALP membership in the Boothby electorate.

Wednesday night 5th July: A community forum of 156 people was held at Belair Hotel with guest speakers, the Premier Peter Malinauskas and the Treasurer Stephen Mulligan. During question time ABC Friends SA/NT was given the opportunity to address the Premier about the Premier’s open letter to the ABC. The audience was strongly in support of the letter. The Premier wishes to have further contact with ABC Friends and we have been given access to the Premier through the Adviser of Community Engagement in the Office of the Premier.

Friday  16 June  Hagar Luncheon Groupwho meet once a month. The membership is currently 78 and members include 3 current ALP members of the Federal Parliament, 4 Current ALP members of SA State Parliament, 3 former Ministers in the Hawke and Keating Governments, (the highest ranked being John Dawkins, Former Treasurer), members who were in Unions or long-term members of the ALP, and the current Lord Mayor of Adelaide. The Luncheon was held days after the ABC 5- year plan was released and the position of Political Editor was abolished. There was lively debate and concern expressed for the future of the ABC which all members present (32) connected with.

Wednesday 21st Jun3 ALP Boothby Federal Electorate Council which also meets monthly and as luck would have it, it was also the same day the Premier sent an open letter to the ABC Chair and Managing Director lamenting the loss of SA Sunday night news. There was strong support for the retention of local news and for the open letter from the Premier. There was also good support also from the 50 members of ABC Friends SA/NT present.

Friday February 3, 2023:  Meeting with Phoebe Bowden, Press Secretary to Senator Penny Wong. Good support. Advised she would brief Penny on our meeting.

Tuesday February 28, 2023: Meeting with Senator Simon Birmingham Daryl Regan, Peter Vandeleur, Judy Gonda

Tuesday January 24, 2023:  Meeting with Louise Miller-Frost, the Federal member for Boothby. Daryl Regar, Peter Vandeleur and Judy Gonda. Louise is a strong supporter of the ABC