Daryl Regan – President

Peter Vandeleur – Vice President

Lachlan White – Social Media

You are currently on the South Australian / Northern Territory web site.

In South Australia, ABC Friends is an incorporated Association. The Association is managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee is closely connected to the membership and, as a community-based organisation, ABC Friends SA/NT is wholly dependent on the support of its members.

Friends of the ABC SA/NT operates independently while, under the umbrella of ABC Friends National Inc., working with Friends organisations in every Australian State and Territory on national strategies and campaigns to maintain the independence and integrity of the ABC.

ABC Friends is not aligned with any political party.

ABC Friends operates independently of the ABC.

The Committee meets monthly on Tuesdays at the Mitcham Library.

We are actively looking to expand the working strength of the committee by setting up specific working groups to assist with particular projects.

The committee structure is as follows:

President Daryl Regan
Vice President Peter Vandeleur
Secretary Judy Gonda
Treasurer Peter Vandeleur
Media Richard Ruffin
Social Media Natalie Leader
Social Media Lachlan White
Membership Judy Gonda
Committee Yi Li
Committee Nick Carroll
Young Working Group

To contact us:

Email: sa@abcfriends.net.au

Postal Address: PO Box 129 Mitcham Shopping Centre, Torrens Park, SA 5062

Membership Enquiries: membership_sant@abcfriends.net.au

Judy Gonda - Secretary & Membership

Richard  Ruffin - Media

Natalie Leader - Social Media

Lachlan White - Social Media