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Freedom of press barons

2023-09-24T13:54:57+09:302023-09-24|Public Media|

PEARLS AND IRRITATIONS -John Menadue's Public Policy Journal Geoff Davis September 23, 2023 The ‘disinformation’ (read: lies and bullshit) being propagated about the indigenous Voice to Parliament by the Murdoch media, among others, harms our society. It promotes division, celebrates and cultivates ignorance and bigotry, oppresses a minority and diminishes us all. Why do we tolerate such behaviour?   Such News Corp behaviour has become normal. Any person or any [...]

ABC Emergency Services

2023-09-20T10:22:50+09:302023-09-20|About the ABC|

ABC Press Release  September 18,2023 The ABC is helping prepare communities for an increase in fire and weather activity during the spring and summer months with an emergency information campaign across radio, online and social media. The campaign coincides with Red Cross Emergency Ready Week which runs from 18 – 24 September. With above average temperatures forecast in the coming months, the ABC campaign provides important information on how [...]

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