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Funding of the ABC – or lack thereof.

Michael Henry of ABC Friends Victoria has produced a very good explanation of the current situation.

This link will take you there. 

Official release from SA Premier’s Office  April 9, 2024

The Malinauskas Government is committed to supporting South Australia’s screen sector

South Australia’s screen industry continues to receive international recognition and has a packed schedule of productions currently underway at the South Australian Film Corporation’s (SAFC) Adelaide Studios and around the state. It’s also pleasing to see a bumper slate of exciting new films and TV series telling South Australian stories on screens around the nation and the world.

The Malinauskas Government’s $5.2 million production partnership between the SAFC and ABC is an investment already seeing results, with SA made series Beep and Mort S2 and forthcoming Ladies in Black creating skilled jobs in the screen industry, driving training and skills development, and generating employment across other sectors such as trades, hospitality, and tourism. Importantly, this investment in our screen industry ensures South Australian stories are put front and centre, cementing our state as the home of Australian stories on screen.

The Malinauskas Government continues to support a pipeline of major productions taking place in our state, with recent titles including Netflix’s Desert King and Stan Original series Thou Shalt Not Steal as well as the newly announced Amazon Prime series Top End Bub set to begin filming at SAFC next month.

In other great news for the sector, the first annual Adelaide Film Festival was held last year following the Government’s record $4 million investment, which spotlighted a number of South Australian made films.

Public Media Alliance:  PMA provides advocacy, support, knowledge exchange, research & training opportunities for public media worldwide.

About the ABC:    ABC Here is a link to information about the ABC. It provides insight into the depth and breadth of ABC services to Australia and Asia-Pacific

Survey of Members

ABC Friends SA/NT Committee decided to adopt a more inclusive approach to decision making for its activities beyond the opinions of the Committee.  To enable this approach, a survey of members was developed to obtain information about the membership age, gender, opinions and suggestions.

Young Australians increasingly get news from social media, but many don’t understand algorithms.

What now?

The shift in young people’s news engagement toward social media highlights the need for consistent media literacy education across Australia.

This can help young people learn more about social media business models, visual modes of communication (particularly video), methods for identifying misinformation, privacy settings and how algorithms work.

This kind of education will help young people to grow up being engaged but critical news consumers and citizens.

LINK:  The Conversation | October 23, 2023