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The ABC of craven capitulation

2024-06-04T13:42:50+09:302024-06-04|About the ABC, Independence, Public Media, Solial Media| The Shot | By Jo Dyer June 3, 2024 It’s ironic that the Sydney Writers’ Festival event at which Laura Tingle made what has become a bizarrely infamous comment about the pervasive racism of Australian society was a live version of the Insiders we used to have when we used to have nice things on the ABC. Back when David Speers was safely sequestered as one of the saner [...]

Laura Tingle’s statement

2024-06-02T13:20:25+09:302024-06-02|About the ABC, Independence, Public Media|

ABC Posted 29 May, 2024 Statement by Laura Tingle, 7.30 Chief Political Correspondent For much of the past two weeks, the political debate has focused not on the federal Budget but on the Leader of the Opposition's budget reply in which he pledged to cut migration to deal with the housing crisis. I have written and broadcast on this decision and its implications on ABC platforms numerous times since then. [...]

Laura Tingle’s ‘counselling’, – ABC risks giving the bullies a victory

2024-06-02T13:25:26+09:302024-06-02|About the ABC, Independence, Public Media|

The Guardian | Margaret Simons | Saturday June 1, 2024 In publicising Laura Tingle’s ‘counselling’, the ABC risks giving the bullies a victory. No matter what the national broadcaster does, News Corp and the Australian will keep gnawing at it There are a few things we can assume the ABC board and executive know only too well. First, News Corporation, and the Australian newspaper in particular, will always attack the ABC. [...]

Truthful, not neutral:

2024-03-31T16:55:47+10:302024-03-31|About the ABC, Independence, Public Media|

Crikey | Alexandra Wake | March 26, 2024 Why the ABC’s ‘impartiality’ warning isn’t the full story. The ABC’s chair Kim Williams has come out firing in his first week in the role, telling journalists they must acknowledge the broadcaster’s statutory requirement to be impartial or walk out the door. Often, it’s not that simple. It’s always been one of the most difficult things to teach young people, but if they want [...]

Kim Williams and ABC Turmoil

2024-02-09T12:31:56+10:302024-02-09|About the ABC, Digital Media, Public Media|

Can Kim Williams resolve the ABC turmoil? The Saturday Paper | February 3, 2024 | Quentin Dempster As a child, Kim Williams was obsessed with Lego. At the age of 11, he became the national champion. His mind has always been analytical. He has always wanted to be excellent. In business, he has a reputation as a fierce interrogator of data. His management style is fixed on the practical [...]

Kim Williams to replace Ita Buttrose as ABC Chair

2024-01-24T22:26:27+10:302024-01-24|About the ABC, Public Media|

The Guardian | January 24 |2024 |Tory Shepherd and Josh Butler Kim Williams, a former chief executive of News Corp Australia, will replace Ita Buttrose as chair of the ABC. Prime minister Anthony Albanese’s announcement follows union members’ vote of no confidence in managing director David Anderson The prime minister, announced Williams’ nomination on Wednesday morning. Buttrose said last year she and she will finish in the role in March. Albanese [...]

Kim Williams – Announced as Chairman of the ABC

2024-01-24T21:50:16+10:302024-01-24|About the ABC, Public Media|

The Guardian | January 24,2024 | Alan Sunderland Kim Williams is more than just a former Murdoch boss, but his new role does not make it his ABC. The public broadcaster is under siege. Williams must focus on bringing staff and management together again The ABC has a new chairman in Kim Williams and once again across the media landscape the hares are running. You can take your pick: he’s a former Murdoch [...]

Australians demand Independent ABC Board

2023-11-13T15:40:41+10:302023-11-13|About the ABC, Independence, Public Media|

70% Australians Demand Independent Selection for ABC Board Australia Institute The survey was taken between 29 August and 1 September 2023, with nationally representative samples by gender, age group and state/territory. A further 406 South Australians and 127 Queenslanders were sampled to produce more precise results, but weighting was used to ensure that people from these states were not over-represented in national results. Key findings: Seven in 10 [...]

Digital News Report

2023-10-24T15:36:26+10:302023-10-24|Digital Media, Public Media, Solial Media|

University of Canberra Digital News Report 2023 Description This report is part of a long-running international survey coordinated by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, an international research centre in the comparative study of journalism based at Oxford University. The report delivers comparative data on media usage in 46 countries and across 6 continents. There is good news for the industry this year. The number of people paying [...]

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