ABC Friends has had a long history in South Australia, beginning in 1976 when the first cuts to the ABC took place. Over the years, SA has had an active membership. In the mid to late 1990’s local groups were set up in key suburbs in the city and in country areas, and the Northern Territory operated as a branch of SA Friends until 2007/2008 when the branch folded and members in the NT joined the SA membership.

The Executive operates out of Adelaide and organises activity in response to what is happening locally and nationally at the ABC. This includes making representations to SA State and Federal politicians, writing submissions to Government as required, participating in activities in support of the ABC, keeping members abreast of developments, encouraging appropriate action and spreading word at local markets and venues about who the ABC Friends are to increase awareness and promote membership.

In SA, ABC Friends is an incorporated Association operating as Friends of the ABC (SA) Inc. The Association is managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee is closely connected to the membership and, as a community-based organisation, ABC Friends SA/NT is wholly dependent on the support of its members.

Friends of the ABC (SA) Inc. operates independently while, under the umbrella of ABC Friends National Inc., working with Friends organisations in every Australian State and Territory on national strategies and campaigns to maintain the independence and integrity of the ABC. ABC Friends is not aligned with any political party and operates independently of the ABC.

In October 2016 the Friends of the ABC (SA) Inc updated and rewrote its original 1991 Constitution. Our Constitution was again updated in July 2019 and can be found here.