The Future of Radio National (RN)

Source: ABC Alumni

AM radio is on its way to obsolescence.  Already, most new cars cannot receive AM, and transistor radios are viewed as relics by many Australians.  All the radio networks, with the possible exception of News Radio, have declining audiences, but RN perhaps most of all.  But to many of us, RN’s specialist, well-researched, quality content is a vital part of the ABC’s remit.  If the AM network has to go (as we believe it will, if not immediately), it seems to us crucial that it should continue as a digital channel with continuous flow, as well as a family of discrete podcasts.  Linear broadcasting, however it is delivered, is how people come across content they may not have heard of, and to many, RN is a well-nigh indispensable companion.

ABC Alumni will be campaigning to ensure that we don’t lose RN altogether.  If you have thoughts or ideas about how this is to be done, please let us know.



We hope in the near future to organise a webinar with Chris Oliver-Taylor, the new Chief Content Officer.  RN has become one of his manifold responsibilities.